About SmartGraft hair, beard, and eyebrow transplants

Hair loss is an issue known to men and women of differing ages. Nowadays, there are very effective hair transplant methods which can make you feel younger and more confident. Our clinic uses SmartGraft state-of-the-art hair transplant technology, originally from USA. We’re the only clinic in the Czech Republic where patients can undergo treatment with this type of device. SmartGraft technology was developed by a team of experienced professionals who wanted hair grafts to leave no visible or prominent scars. The intervention uses your own hair and is much shorter than other hair transplant methods.

We’re the only clinic in the Czech Republic

Premier Clinic is is the only clinic in the Czech Republic operating SMARTGRAFT for hair transplants.

Non-binding consultation

We provide non-binding consultations before the procedure. The procedure is performed in the Czech Republic directly at our clinic.

Unbeatable price

We provide non-binding consultations before the procedure. The procedure is performed in the Czech Republic directly at our clinic.

Modern hair loss solution

In the past, hair transplantation was a very difficult medical intervention which left a prominent scar on the patient’s scalp and was followed by a long, unpleasant healing period. Nowadays, there’s a better method: SmartGraft technology provides an effective permanent hair loss solution, an issue which affects both men and women. It’s a modern hair transplant method which doesn’t require using a scalpel due to the state-of-the-art technology it’s based on. Interventions performed with this procedure are more accurate than other FUE methods. The results look perfectly natural, and you can usually go back to work a mere day after having undergone the treatment.
SmartGraft helps you to get rid of bald spots on the top of your head and solve your receding hairline or thinning beard and eyebrows. We’d be happy to book a non-binding appointment where you can discuss all details of your particular situation with a physician.

Differences between FUT, FUE/DHI, and SmartGraft technology

The SmartGraft method is the latest technique, based on the FUE procedure which it perfects. It’s done with U.S. SmartGraft technology which doesn’t use the so-called punching tool to collect grafts, and therefore, hair bulbs can’t be damaged by being cut in half. The process is quicker and less invasive than FUT or FUE, and the transplanted hair is more likely to set successfully – there’s no need to collect a large number of grafts. Automatically, hair grafts are counted (preventing the possible overvaluing and unfair sales practices that may occur if hair transplant interventions are done in Arabic countries), moved to a device where they’re cooled and moisturised (removing the possibility of human error where the collected hair fails to be, e.g., cooled/moisturised which results in a loss/necrosis of hair grafts).

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is an older hair transplant technique where a piece of scalp, approximately 1 cm wide and 10-20 cm long, is removed from the nape of a patient’s head. After the intervention is finished, the surgeon has to stitch the wound and stop the bleeding. The patient has to return to the clinic after two weeks and have the stitches or staples removed. The removed skin is further divided into micro- and macro-grafts which are then moved to the area affected by hair loss. Our clinic doesn’t perform this procedure.

Comparatively, FUE/DHI (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a more recent hair transplant method. Grafts are collected with a (punching) tool. A single graft consists of 2-3 hairs which need to be dissected under a microscope and submerged in a saline solution. Then the hair grafts are moved to the affected area. There are two drawbacks to this method, namely that it’s slower and the grafts may be damaged. Our clinic doesn’t perform this procedure.

Hair transplants with SmartGraft technology

SmartGraft technology works on the microscopic level where 1-4 hair follicles are collected from the donor site at once. The surgeon then moves these micro-grafts to the target area. The result is very natural-looking, and the intervention leaves no prominent scars, unlike hair transplant methods.

Benefits of the SmartGraft method

  • • Intervention of minimum invasiveness: no disruption to your lifestyle;
    • Outpatient intervention: no need to stay at the clinic overnight. The transplant itself usually takes ca 5 hours;
    • Minimal scarring: unlike other hair transplant methods, interventions done with SmartGraft technology leave no scars;
    • Interventions are suitable both for men and women;
    • Natural results: hair grows naturally, growth is usually finished within 9-12 months of the intervention;
    • The convalescence period is very short, with no limitations imposed on the patient after the intervention is finished (e.g. patients can wash their hair within days of the treatment);
    • SmartGraft transplantation is also suitable for other body parts (e.g. eyebrows and beard).

Hair transplant results

Why should you choose your hair transplant to be performed with the SmartGraft method?

Because of its excellent results. A noticeable change will manifest itself rather quickly – the first new hair will start growing within the first 3 months of the intervention. The growth process then continues over the next 12 months. Furthermore, the intervention is outpatient and leaves no visible scars. Contact us to receive more information!


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